About Us

Many companies say they are independent, but few really are.

Cabanor International is privately owned and managed by our officers and executives. While being privately owned is not a singularly unique factor, our independent structure combined with our independent mindset is what works to the ultimate benefit of all our clients.

Our independence gives us our freedom

Cabanor International is not subject to meeting sales quotas or pushing the products and services of a parent company that tied companies must.

Not having the pressure of satisfying shareholder demands allow us to have the freedom to:

  • Always put our clients' interests first
  • Avoid the limitations of conventional investment managers
  • Not chase quarterly profit results
  • Take a longer-term outlook
  • Eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Concentrate on our core business
  • Attract the best talent
  • Preserve our unique corporate culture
  • Re-invests in ourselves
Our People

Your private advisory board.

Our professionals average over 20 years of experience in investment, wealth, and associated fields. Many of our senior managers have had partnership-level experience in well-known or traditional investment houses. They chose to join Cabanor International because of the freedom to deliver the personal attention and levels of service they would want to receive themselves, without the pressures associated with shareholders and sales targets.

It takes more than one kind of person to contribute to our company’s success and many types of people to bring the innovative and unconventional thinking that marks our company as different from the rest.

Our Team

Bernard Dubois



Emily Durant



Olivier Bogemans

Head of Trading Services


Pierre Lussac

Chief Trading Officer


Luc Bretillon

Chief Compliance Officer


Lily Chin

Head of Alternative Investment


Maggie Peng

Director of Human Resources


Lewis Mitchell

Senior Risk Analyst


Martin Kennedy

Senior Analyst


Constance Cole

Director of Marketing


Lili Lan

ESG Officer


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