Investment Approach

Investing in trends rather than traditions.

To appreciate the advantages that Cabanor International clients experience over those who engage conventional portfolio managers, investors must first understand what distinguishes our approach from other investment companies. By looking at the methods we use, our motivation, and the principles we’ve built our name on, clients discover our fundamental use of common sense. While common sense is not exactly a groundbreaking concept, it’s precisely what makes Cabanor International so different.

Thematic Investing

Themes can use concepts such as an aging population or a sub-sector such as robotics, increasing wealth concentrations, the move towards automation, or molecular medicine. These are some of the themes shaping our future lives and should be seriously evaluated when selecting investments.

Maximizing Potential

Financial independence combined with an objective way of thinking means we can steer clear of the downsides of traditional portfolio management and concentrate on delivering outperformance for all clients.

Global Perspectives

The global marketplace is moving towards increasing integration and is less reliant on the relevance of country or geographic limitations. No business or economy can operate successfully in isolation. Successful investment approaches benefit from having a global perspective and a longer-term outlook.

Longer-Term Outlook

Historically, investment portfolios based solely on beating benchmarks have shown less than impressive returns. The short-term desire to beat a quarterly index performance works against one of the best advantages available to investors – a longer-term outlook.

A process formed around benchmarks is by its nature backward-looking and neglects evolving trends and forward-looking outlooks.

In contrast, a thematic investment approach that takes full advantage of all asset classes and global opportunities created by emerging trends is not constrained by regions, industries, or classes. It seeks out the best opportunities and trends that will generate superior returns, no matter where they are in the world.

Most themes are not limited to solely one industry or location, which is why conventional research often fails to discover the extent of investment possibilities characteristic in emerging and evolving trends.

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