Family Wealth

A close-knit family office operating as a focused team.

For individuals and multi-generational families of wealth, the Cabanor International Family Wealth Service offers much more than just investment expertise; it addresses every aspect of your financial life. With unique circumstances and a multidimensional financial situation, managing your finances requires a careful and thoughtful approach.

In coordination with your other advisors and representatives, we provide a coordinated and integrated plan that incorporates all facets of your financial world.

Cabanor International will:
  • Manage tailored portfolios and monitor external investments
  • Incorporate detailed balance sheets, cash flow, and estate planning analyses to make better-informed investment selections
  • Counsel you on corporate compensation, charitable and philanthropic giving, and financial education plans for future generations
  • Arrange family meetings to discuss legacy, business, and management transitions
  • Bring together external professionals with expertise in accounting and tax consulting, risk management, property, and banking
  • Collaborate with your other advisors to present a well-integrated plan

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If you are new to wealth management, seeking to upgrade your current wealth manager, or would like to streamline your family’s financial strategy, contact us today to take the first step on the road to a brighter tomorrow.