Fixed Income

Protecting Capital and Beating Inflation

The Cabanor International attitude to fixed income strategies is straightforward in that we design plans that protect capital valuations and beat inflation. Fixed-income portfolios balance out the volatility seen in equities and generate dependable income flows.

At Cabanor International, we think reliable fixed income investments need not be dull. We don’t expect our clients to be satisfied with merely acceptable. So, we go further and investigate all there is to know about income-generating investments. This pursuit of excellence leads to us discovering value using creative methods and strategies by taking the time to find opportunities that other portfolio managers overlook and disregard.

As a result, our clients can expect to be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities presented by original thinking.

The Cabanor International Approach to Fixed Income Includes:
  • Bespoke portfolios that address liquidity requirements and income needs
  • Consideration of the client’s tax position
  • Careful consideration of asset classes, industry sectors, inflation trends
  • A focus on high quality fixed income instruments with varying durations

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