Financial Planning

Better informed decisions

At Cabanor International, we believe that an effective investment strategy cannot be created in isolation. That’s why our discussions include conducting a comprehensive financial analysis and preparation of a detailed financial plan. The discoveries we make together determine not only the allocation of assets but also the choices we make about all aspects of your financial situation. From preparing for the cost of higher education to considering retirement, donating to good causes, estate planning, and more, together, we will forge a clearly defined path to your future success.


The more information we can bring to light about your family circumstances and current financial situation, the better we can advise you about the most appropriate route forward.

From assessing your will and legal paperwork to documenting all your assets, including those outside our management, we will prepare and present you with a comprehensive picture of your financial world.

  • Prepare a statement of all assets and liabilities
  • Review present and projected income and outgoings
  • Understand and analyze other relevant information

Information from the discovery stage of planning leads to better understanding, and a better understanding leads to better strategies. With a clear overview of your finances and a thorough appreciation of your goals and objectives, we can plot a well-informed path towards success.

  • Address current and projected financial needs
  • Integrate existing plans and investments
  • Consider the tax implications of planned strategies
  • Present proposals based on all information collected
  • Present cash flow and wealth forecasts
Allocating assets

By fully understanding your circumstances and situation, we can construct a diversified portfolio that addresses your long-term objectives along with your current needs. It’s a practical approach to investing that utilizes sound judgment.

  • Construct a bespoke portfolio that addresses your objectives and needs
  • Choose individual stocks and other investments based on your goals
  • Lessen risk with diversification and meticulous research
Estate planning

It’s a good thing to have a plan in place, but you derive much more confidence knowing that all aspects of your financial well-being have been thoroughly addressed and will be updated as circumstances evolve.

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